What best time of year to get an estimate for my lawn?
We recommend getting an estimate in the early spring. February and March are best.
What services does Plot offer?
We do everything from mowing, mulching, and trimming to design, hardscape and lighting. We also offer leaf and snow removal.
How much does an estimate cost?
Our estimates are free of charge and come with a one hour consultation. Design work comes at an additional cost.
How often should I mow my lawn?
Depending on precipitation and irrigation, we suggest mowing every 7-10 days.
Does Plot design landscaping/hardscaping too?
We offer design landscape and hardscape in addition to lighting, mowing, mulching, trimming, and leaf or snow removal.
How much water does my lawn need?
Generally, we recommend giving your lawn .5” of water twice a week for 20-30 minutes. Keep in mind that different types of grasses and soils have different water requirements.
When should I water my lawn?
We suggest watering your lawn from 6AM to 10AM.
Do I need weed control?
A weed control program is essential for achieving the “golf course” look. Our programs include organic or synthetic.
Do you do commercial and private projects?
We do both commercial and private projects.
How long should I stay off my yard after Plot’s service?
Turf applications must dry for approximately one hour. All other services are safe to enjoy immediately.
What can a professional lawn care company do for me?
We can bring a peace of mind to your lawn - whether it’s for your home or for your business. Plot takes care of all of your outdoor needs with professionalism and care.
What are your winter services?
During the winter, we offer ice and snow removal for lots and sidewalks, winter pruning of shrubs and trees, and perennial cutbacks (e.g. grasses, liriope, hydrangea, roses, etc).
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